Tun's songkok style in demand ahead of Aidilfitri celebration

Last update: 26/05/2019

ALOR SETAR, May 26 (Bernama) -- Ahead of the Hari Raya celebration, Sardi Dahar’s stall located on the ground floor of the Pekan Rabu Complex will be thronged with customers rushing to buy his most popular songkok design, ‘Songkok Style Tun.

The headgear which carries the Prime Minister’s name, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had been the preferred choice of customers as it is lightweight, foldable, does not shrink easily and is made of high quality velvet material.

According to Sardi, 61, ahead of the Hari Raya celebration 200 to 250 pieces of the headgear would be sold each day as compared to 150 pieces on normal days.  

“Although each piece is priced from RM25 to RM120, customers who are particular about quality will still go for it.

"The Songkok Style Tun has also been improved to include the 'Style Tun Collection' trademark and the wordings 'Prime Minister of Malaysia' inscribed on the inner left and right sides of the songkok Sardi said, adding that customers may also have their names sewn on the songkok at an extra fee.

Sardi added that since Dr Mahathir granted him permission to carry his name in branding the songkok in 2002, he had taken care to maintain the quality of the product.

"He (Dr Mahathir) had reminded me to ensure the quality, as the product bears his name ...so to ensure good workmanship on each and every piece, I can only produce in small quantities ," he said.

Elaborating on the quality of the songkok, Sardi, who had been involved in the trade since he was 18 said, the Songkok Style Tun is made of the best velvet material, finely sewn and has a distinctive inner pattern compared to other songkok in the market.

"A customer once told me that my songkok was no different from others so I made several attempts to come up with something different and finally came up with this design which impressed Tun Dr Mahathir and the premier has been my regular customer,” said Sardi who inherited his songkok-making skill from his late father who hailed from West Sumatera, Indonesia.

In view of the encouraging response, Sardi plans to expand his songkok business to other states from next year onwards with the cooperation of a private company in Kuala Lumpur.

"At the moment the Songkok Style Tun is only available at the Pekan Rabu Complex but we are going to market them all over the state, nationwide and later to neighbouring countries because the name (Dr Mahathir) is already well-known around the world," he said.