Anlene Unveils Cafe Latte Milk With More "Uumph"

Last update: 15/03/2019

By Farah Fatini Sulaiman

KUALA LUMPUR, March 15 (Bernama) -- Adult dairy brand, Anlene has unveiled Cafe Latte, the first adult milk powder in an instant stick that combines the nutritious blend of dairy and real coffee.
Marketing manager, Claire Khoo said, “Anlene Cafe Latte is the milk with more 'Uumph' because it is more than just flavoured milk. With added high calcium, collagen, protein, vitamins and minerals, it was developed to fulfil the needs of Malaysian consumers, especially young adults and those with busy lifestyles.”

“These include wanting convenience to suit their hectic schedules and can be prepared and consumed at anytime, anywhere, as well as wanting healthier and nutritious beverage options which are affordable and great tasting, on top of keeping them feeling energised,” she added in a statement.

New product development, scientific and regulatory affairs director, Megawati Suzari said, “Anlene Cafe Latte is formulated with important nutrients. It contain nutritious milk with real coffee, with less sugar* and is low in fat, which is conveniently packed in a stick. You can have it anytime, anywhere.”
Anlene Cafe Latte is available at all leading supermarkets and starts at RM9.90 for a trial pack (7s x 31 grammes). For a limited time only, with any purchase of RM30 worth of Anlene products and including at least one pack of Anlene Cafe Latte, you will be entitled to a free limited edition Anlene mug.

Anlene is also offering 100,000 sets of RM 1 Anlene Cafe Latte with Julie’s Oat Biscuit at major LRT stations from March to April, to help Malaysians kick start their day with a nutritious breakfast.