Education New Zealand To Increase Investment In East Malaysia

Last update: 14/03/2019

By Farah Fatini Sulaiman

KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 (Bernama) -- Education New Zealand (ENZ) is increasing its investment in East Malaysia by launching a promotional activity series and explore collaboration opportunities with Malaysian education institution.

In a statement, it said New Zealand education providers will be participating in a series of six promotional student fairs in Sabah and Sarawak between March 8 to 17, holding meetings with ministers and institutions, and hosting networking functions with Malaysian alumni and education agencies.

New Zealand universities, all ranked within the top three per cent worldwide by the QS World University Rankings, will all be attending the fairs as they continue to attract Malaysian students.

“New Zealand’s relationship with Malaysia is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia and we are proud of our long history of providing education opportunities for local students,” said New Zealand High Commissioner, Hunter Nottage.

“To celebrate our long-standing academic relationship, past Malaysian graduates and the relevant New Zealand agencies will come together at a series of networking events this month,” he said.


“This serves as a great opportunity for us to reconnect and recall the years the alumni spent in New Zealand, gaining qualifications and skills which have given them a head start in their careers," added Nottage.

ENZ’s Regional Director for Asia, John Laxon, welcomes the increased focus of East Malaysian students and families on New Zealand as an education destination.

"New Zealand’s forward-thinking education system, which is characterised by its teaching approach that values both theory and practice, is perfect for East Malaysian students – who have both the talent, and resources back home to put their skills into practice,” Laxon said.

New Zealand has been ranked the safest English-speaking country in the world by the Global Peace Index for nine years in a row.

Over 2,000 Malaysian students took their educational journey abroad to New Zealand.