Kotex Empowers 4 Malaysian Women to Pursue Their Passions

Last update: 13/03/2019

By Nur Hazirah Samsudar

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 (Bernama) – Four  Malaysian women are now one step closer to achieving their goals after their entries were selected from more than 240 submissions from across the country. 

They are artist, Nawwar Shukriah Ali, aspiring dancer, Aina Amirah, leprosy researcher, Atiqah Abd Rahim and social volunteer, Nur Adzratull Iffah who will be awarded between RM7,000 and RM25,000, to achieve their dream and goals uner the Kotex #SheCan Fund.

Marketing Manager for Kimberly-Clark, Frenissa Lagman said in a stement, “The Kotex #SheCan Fund was set up to support and motivate these women, to ensure they have the same opportunities.”

In Malaysia, Kotex kicked off the #SheCan Fund in October last year with an annual commitment of RM100,000 to inspire more young women and girls to make strides in areas where women are currently underrepresented, from arts to education, to entrepreneurship and beyond.

The first four recipients, who hail from varied backgrounds with equally varied pursuits, detailed their ambition to engage the community and inspire other young women to overcome society’s expectations of them.


Nawwar, 34, has always turned to her art which encompasses drawings, installations and photography as a form of expression. It has helped her articulate her childhood struggles to show that there is hope and that the good will always prevail.

For 23-year-old Aina, her faith makes her passion for contemporary dance that much stronger. As a recipient of the fund, this hijab-wearing young woman is now on her way to honing her skills to become a professional contemporary dancer. 

According to Atiqah, 25, her eyes were opened to the struggles and stigma associated with Hansen’s disease, that continue to devastate those who are and have been afflicted with the disease.

Following a research piece on Hansen's disease (more commonly known as leprosy) in Sarawak, specifically in a resettlement village of Kampung Sinar Baru at Kota Padawan, Atiqah realided that age-old prejudices have led to people afflicted with the disease facing significant hardship even though Hansen’s disease is treatable. 

Armed with a burning desire to help others in need, 20 year old social volunteer, Nur Adzratul said, "If you have enough compassion to see where and when help is needed, you are already way ahead of many people."
Women who have faced challenges in realising their life-changing ambitions can continue to submit their entries for the Kotex #SheCan Fund. For more details, visit SheCanFund.com.