Anugerah Guru Inspirasi McDonald's Honours Teachers' Hardwork

Last update: 05/03/2019

By Farah Fatini Sulaiman

KUALA LUMPUR, March 5 (Bernama) -- The Anugerah Guru Inspirasi (AGI) McDonald’s  returns for the third year to pay tribute to inspiring teachers and is looking forward to receive more heart-warming entries.

In a statement, McDonald's said the award recgonised teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty in nurturing students and inspire them to do better, said McDonald's in a statement.

Last year, the Anugerah Guru Inspirasi McDonald’s received 3,000 submissions, where 25 teachers were accorded with the award.

Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, Azmir Jaafar said, McDonald’s Malaysia took pride in engaging and giving back to community.

“This award is dedicated to the educators who work diligently in facilitating the learning process of our future generation, while building a solid foundation that eventually leads to a strong and bright nation,” added Azmir.....