"Go Malaysia Deals" to draw 10,000 arrivals from S'pore over 2 months

Last update: 28/01/2019

By Massita Ahmad

SINGAPORE, Jan 28 (Bernama) – The “Go Malaysia Deals” campaign is set to draw about 10,000 tourist arrivals from Singapore to Malaysia over a two-month period. 

The campaign, which kicked off today, sees Tourism Malaysia in partnership with Singapore-headquartered EasyBook.com and selected bus companies and hotels in Malaysia to offer a total of six packages catering specifically to the Singapore market.

Speaking to Bernama at the launch of the campaign here, director of Tourism Malaysia–Singapore office Edzuar Zar Ayob Azari said Singapore is an important market as it holds about 46 per cent of total tourist arrivals to Malaysia.

Edzuar Zar said for the first nine months of 2018, Malaysia received 7,830,117 tourist arrivals from Singapore with tourist receipts of RM3.7 billion.

“As the trend for online travel booking rises, it is felt that the time is right for us to embark on a strategic collaboration with an established online travel agency (OTA) in Singapore,” said Edzuar Zar.

Edzuar Zar said the key destinations offered in the ‘Go Malaysia Deals’ campaign are selected for their suitability to Singaporeans, who mostly opt to travel to popular destinations to indulge in activities such as shopping, sightseeing and food tasting.....