Orang Asli children leave home for the sake of education

Last update: 28/01/2019

KOTA BHARU, Jan 28 (Bernama) -- Thirteen-year-old Ajumi J. Mizan, from Kampung Kuala Wok, Gua Musang, is an Orang Asli from the Temiar tribe, has been living apart from his family since he was a year-old, just so he would be exposed to better education.

Now in Form One at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Salor near here, Ajumi said his father, J.Mizan Mat Dom, 40, handed him over to be raised by a foster father, Yusoff Md Setapa, 43, a preacher who lives in Kampung Salor.

“My father did that because he wanted me to study and to do well so that I will not live in hardhsip like him. he always remind me to study hard and to never forget my roots,” he said.

He was met by reporters after the presentation of contributions from the Kelantan Education Department’s Welfare Fund by State education director  Muhammad Zahari Othman today

Ajumi was one of the recipients because of his poor family background and academic excellence.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Zahari said the fund was established 10 years ago to help ease the burden of students from poor families and those with disabilities.

"For this year, we managed to raise RM30,000 and we have handed out the contributions to five poor students, including Ajumi,” he said.

In another development, Muhammad Zahari said the Kelantan Education Department had received RM31 million for the Supplementary Food programme (RMT) this year and the allocation would benefit 65,263  students in 420 primary schools in the state.