Musang King corn now available in Cameron Highlands

Last update: 25/01/2019

By Nik Nurfaqih Nik Wil

TANAH RATA, Jan 25 (Bernama) -- Cameron Highlands, a fertile land with a variety of quality vegetables and fruits now has a new breed of corn, believed to be the first in the world.

Dubbed as 'Musang King' the very same title given to the top-tier of Durians – the King of the Fruits, this new breed of corn is the work of local farmer, Billy Cheah and his wife June Ooi.

Billy, owner of Go Green Organic, said the corn is a 'cross-breed' between multiple types of premium corn, local and imported.

"We do our very own research and development locally for years, before it was finally harvested for the first time in January last year," he told Bernama.

Billy said this cross-breed corn which is purely organic, is different from other cross-breed corn such as the popular 'Susu' which is a genetically modified corn.     

"The corn breeding process took quite a long time as we had to understand the weather condition and the environment needed for this corn cultivation. It can only be planted in cold places such as the Cameron Highlands.”

"We have replanted the crop repeatedly to ensure that its quality is consistent in terms of taste," said Billy when met with his wife at their small shop in Kea Farm.....