Fuziah's 'Nian Gao' Popular All-Year Round

Last update: 24/01/2019

By Soon Li Wei

KLANG (Bernama) -- Fuziah Ahmad first made the nian gao two years ago to fulfil her son’s request.

Today, the 55-year-old homemaker finds herself catering to orders for the Chinese New Year delicacy even outside the festive season.

Her son Abdul Hadi Ahamad, 27, had requested her to make the sweet sticky rice cake after tasting it during a Chinese New Year celebration at the home of his friend Louis Yuen Shen, 27, about eight years ago.

It was the first time that Abdul Hadi had a taste of the sweet and chewy nian gao, also known locally as kuih bakul. He took a liking to it immediately. He was, however, disappointed to learn that it was a seasonal dessert only available during Chinese New Year.

Realising his mother's fondness of traditional delicacies, he coaxed her into learning to make the dessert from Louis’s grandmother.....