40 years after it was composed, "Puteri Santubong' continues to be popular

Last update: 11/01/2019

KUCHING, Jan 11 (Bernama) -- “Puteri Santubong” may have become a folk song for Sarawakians, and is popular among other Malaysians, but most people would be hard pressed to name its songwriter.

Few may know the name Madzhi Johari, the man born in Sri Aman here who played a key role in creating the song which he wrote in 1974-1975.

Unraveling its secrets to Bernama recently, Madzhi said the rhythm and rhyme of the song came to him while he was travelling on a boat up a river to Ulu Limbang to work as RTM Controller for Limbang.

The 75-year-old government pensioner said besides creating the song and writing the lyrics, he was also its original singer.

Madzhi said the song tells the story of two beautiful princesses of Sarawak, Princess Santubong and Princess Sejinjang, who were originally good friends but later became enemies because of their jealousy of each other’s beauty.....