Building An 'Empire' Out of Peanut Butter

Last update: 31/12/2018

By Soon Li Wei

KUALA LUMPUR (Bernama) -- They have worked as salespersons, factory workers, runners and even quit university – all for the sake of pursuing their dream of building their own business empire.

The saying, 'Where there is a will, there is a way', fits Joseph Goh Liang Hao, 23, and his wife Debbie Ching Zhee Cheng, 21, to a T.

They may be young and even lack experience but their business skills cannot be underestimated for they are the founders and owners of a peanut butter production and marketing enterprise called Jobbie Nut Butter. 'Jobbie' is a contraction of both their first names.

Ever since the couple started their business three years back it has been a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs.

However, their sacrifices and hard work have paid off as their home-made peanut butter has found a niche in the Malaysian market and their business is now yielding a reasonably good profit.....