Bank Islam unveils mobile app for Sadaqa House contribution

Last update: 30/12/2018

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 30 (Bernama) -- Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd has introduced a mobile application (app) called SnapNPay, for users to contribute to Sadaqa House, a social finance initiative that was launched by the bank early this year.

In a statement, Bank Islam said SnapNpay is a mobile app developed by SnapNPay LLP, which enables the public to make payments using the FPX engines by making use of the information or data listed by the customer (payee) in the mode of QR code or barcode.

Users are only required to download the SnapNPay app from Playstore (Android; already available) or App Store (Apple; available by January 2019) for free with no registration needed.

Bank Islam chief executive officer Mohd Muazzam Mohamed said, “The best part is, anyone can make this transaction, as one QR code can cater for all 17 FPX banks in Malaysia, thus, it eliminates the need to have Multiple QR code from individual banks, and payment is on real time basis.

“Today, we are bringing technology onto our Shariah solution, delivering a service that is more aligned with the current digital trend.....