Truck It introduces digital advertising on trucks

Last update: 27/12/2018

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 (Bernama) -- Truck It Sdn Bhd is offering digital advertising services on its trucks as an alternative advertising edge to major corporations and affordable advertising service to Small and Medium Enterprises.

“Truck It” is a concept‘ that will encourage and engage various truck owners to provide trucks, routes used and truck measurements and match these with the advertisers and potential clients.

It is motivated to helm this new global positioning system (GPS)-anchored pay-per-kilometre concept for moving advertisements to strengthen the trust between clients and truckers, and the company will play its role as platform managers to further expand this untapped potential of a new medium and means of publicity.

“Other key incentives that benefits both truckers and clients include the presence of subsidised GPS charges, weekly wash for listed trucks, expanded driver incentives and extra earnings to truck owners for the extra mileage covered,” Truck It said in a statement.

The company will bill the advertisers based on the mileage, with transparency enhanced through use of GPS tracking, giving client an option of tracking and checking on their ad movements with an app and carrying a bold tag line of, 'We don’t move, You don't pay'.

Truck It is supported by three companies, namely Milax, a brand centric firm; Pixio, an advertising print support giant; and Illyria Geotechnologies, a leading innovative GPS company.