Moscow Circus Brings Back Fond Memories

Last update: 20/12/2018

By Muhammad Ikhwan Zulkaflee

ISKANDAR PUTERI (Johor) (Bernama) -- Speaking of the circus, many Malaysians would probably remember the homegrown Royal London Circus which was popular during the 1990s and captured thousands of hearts with their performances.

Now, about 20 years later, the Moscow Circus is here in Malaysia on an eight-month nationwide tour and enthralling spectators with their acrobatic stunts, minus the animal acts.

The Moscow Circus Tour of Malaysia 2018/19 was made possible by Kenneth Lee – whose father the late Paul Lee was Malaysia’s first international circus director and creator of the Royal London Circus –  after he teamed up with his close friend Victor Pilipovic, who is a circus artistic agent from Russia.

The Moscow Circus Tour of Malaysia’s executive producers are Yahna SG and Datuk Seri G Radakrishnan.

The circus comprises 40 artistes from Moscow’s two top circus companies – the Bolshoi and the Nikulin.....