"Aunty Tini Bling-Bling" Reminds Youths of Malay Roots

Last update: 19/12/2018

By Norsyafawati Ab Wahab

ADELAIDE (Australia) (Bernama) -- The decision to leave the country and try to make it abroad is not one that many will take lightly.

So when her husband made the decision to start a new life with his family in Adelaide, Australia, Kartini Mohd Mustafa hoped it was for the best.

This writer travelled to southern Australia recently and met up with Kartini, who has now been residing in the land Down Under for 25 years.

Fondly known by her friends as “Aunty Tini Bling-bling” – due to her love for sparkly accessories like brooches, bracelets and rings – Kartini still retains her accent, which is telling of her birth state of Penang.

Despite living overseas for over two decades, Kartini still keeps to her Malay roots and hopes that the younger generation of Malays who grew up in the country would do the same.....