Ironkids event gets Ironman Langkawi 2018 underway

Last update: 16/11/2018

By Ima Aimi Nadia Ibrahim

LANGKAWI, Nov 16 (Bernama) – The 2018 Ironman Malaysia kicked off in Langkawi today with an Ironkids community run and aquathlon joined by 300 young‘uns aged between four and 17.

Parents roared their support and even ran alongside them as the children took part in 1.5km and 3.5km runs for the two events, as well as 110m and 270m swims, based on category.

Parent to Ironkid, Muhammad Dzafran,10, and an Ironman participant himself, Mohamed Hafizi Mohamed, 31, from Kuala Lumpur, said he was glad to see the aquathlon added for the children this year.

“I hope next year cycling will be added, too. It is good exposure to triathlons for kids,” he said.

The Ironman event for adults is on Nov 17. The course is a 3.8km swim, 180km of cycling and a 42.2km run.