gets you the highest price

Last update: 22/05/2018

KUALA LUMPUR, May 22 (Bernama) -- With on the scene, the struggle and hassle of selling your car to a used-car dealer is a thing of the past.

Attaining the highest price for your car has become possible through this Malaysian e-commerce platform which took off in January. general manager, Kevin Neon, told Bernama that the seller and used-car dealer could start engaging online in just three simple steps.

"Normally, it's a long process to get a potential buyer," he said.

The hurdles and stages of discussion are very time-consuming and might not leave you satisfied. But is a totally different sphere."

The experience on this platform begins the moment the car owner logs into the website and fill in his/her details. Next, a company service agent will contact the seller to arrange an inspection of the car, which is termed 'appraisal'.

"At this point, the seller can choose to come over or allow a staff member to drop by to inspect the car. This will take about 30 minutes," Neon said. Bidding kicks in right after the 'appraisal' is completed and one can watch it in progress.

Up to only 40 photos of the car are permitted to be uploaded to the website for viewing. Bidding takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10am to 2.30pm, and if the seller is happy with the price, he/she can simply click 'Yes'.

Neon said that in a single session, there could be more than 200 car dealers online. He gave the example of a Toyota Estima that sold for RM84,000 instead of the initial offering of RM72,000, which made its seller very happy.

"Price is determined by supply and demand, but through this medium, you are able to get better results," he added.

After just five months of operation, records show that around 30 cars are bid upon every day and have attracted up to 400 used-car dealers.

To help finalise the deal, staff will assist with conversion procedures like changing the owner's name.

Neon said the convenience offered by, combined with system transparency were its strengths.

Judging from the positive feedback from the public, Neon hopes - headquartered in Glenmarie, Shah Alam - will start branching out.

"At the moment, we are only offering the service within the Klang Valley. Expansion to the rest of the country is in the pipeline," he said.