Malaysia Third Most Vacation Deprived Globally - Survey

Last update: 08/03/2018

By Mohammad Johari Yaakob

KUALA LUMPUR, March 7 (Bernama) -- Malaysia is the third most vacation deprived country globally and the second in Asia Pacific, according to in its latest Vacation Deprivation Study.

According to the study, almost two third of Malaysians (65 per cent) described themselves as very or somewhat vacation deprived, which implied that Malaysians needed to reset their work-life balance.

Fifty-two per cent of Malaysian employees reported that they cancelled their vacation plans due to their work and only 37 per cent took all their entitled leaves despite the recent increase in annual leaves to 18 days, said Expedia in a statement.

The annual survey which looks at the vacation habits of more than 15,000 employees across 30 nations also showed that the primary reasons cited for not taking vacations amongst Malaysians were budget or affordability issues (35 per cent), the desire to save up vacation days for a longer holiday (31 per cent) and the unavailability to get away from work (26 per cent).

It said that vacation deprivation was on the rise all across the globe, with 53 per cent of full-time working adults globally feeling vacation-deprived in 2017, an increase from 49 per cent in 2016.


However, when compared against the Americas and Europe, Asia Pacific led the pack as the most vacation-deprived region, with South Korea topping the list as the most vacation-deprived country with 81 per cent of full-time working adults feeling deprived of vacations, it added.

Meanwhile, more than one third of Malaysians (35 per cent) still checked their work-related emails or voicemails at least once a day while on vacation and 38 per cent felt stressed after checking in, although 72 per cent responded that they believed it was their right to take a vacation without feeling guilty.

When asked about the benefits of taking regular vacations, 49 per cent of Malaysians agreed that vacations were important for their general health and well-being, 47 per cent agreed that they were important for their relationship with their significant other and 47 per cent agreed that they helped them feel better connected to friends and family.

"At Expedia, we put in tremendous effort to make travel simple and affordable, to help people go places and gain new perspectives and experiences.

"With the 2018 public holidays and long weekend travel calendar already planned out, this can help Malaysians to maximise their leave and go on more vacations, at least a short refresh from long weekend getaways, to enhance their personal and professional wellbeing," said General Manager of Expedia Southeast Asia and India, Simon Fiquet.