Health2U Widens Product And Services Range For E-commerce Platform

Last update: 16/05/2017

By Zarul Effendi Razali

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 (Bernama) -- Health2U, an e-commerce platform of BP Healthcare Group, has widened its product and services range to also embrace those of hospitals and other pharmaceutical companies.

Co-Founder Keegan Flynn said the website had done so from April this year, allowing more choices for customers, after a rebranding exercise in January this year.

"BP Healthcare has had its own e-commerce site for about three years, where it sold only BP Healthcare products and services. Health2U following the rebranding is more user-friendly.

"It has all the same BP Healthcare product and services, but is now open to any merchant selling healthcare products and services. People can go through the products from the various merchants," he told Bernama.

He said while the e-commerce platform is like any another online shopping website, it focuses just on healthcare products and services.

It has three main categories. The first concerns health services which comprise service packages and physiotherapy from BP Healthcare and other healthcare companies, while hospitals are also part of it.

Secondly, customers can undertake a medical check-up with various of hospitals and medical centres, with the results posted on the website, through the customer's registered account.

Flynn said this service would save them time in having to return to hospitals or medical centres to pick up the results.

Customers can compare prices, packages and ingredients of any particular health product listed.

"They can enjoy the lowest prices and most suitable packages of healthcare products and services available in the market at present.

"Thirdly, we aim to create a one-stop health product and service shopping destination, while providing an easy, accessible, cashless, safe and secure shopping experience for customers.

"We also want to leverage on the power of technology in creating a more efficient and effective business ecosystem, while connecting buyers and sellers nationwide, as well as, create economic opportunities for everyone," he added.