Let's Get Real With Libresse

Last update: 19/04/2017

By Intan Suhana Che Omar

KUALA LUMPUR, April 19 (Bernama) -- Feminine care brand, Libresse has launched the 'Let's Get Real' campaign to raise awareness and trigger women to rethink what is depicted as 'realities' in sanitary pads as well as their period experiences.

Using a series of online polls which attracted more than 5,000 respondents, Libresse focuses on honest consumer insights that acknowledged the challenges and hardships women encountered during their period, it said in a statement.

The results show that most of the ads of the sanitary pads are irrelevant to the real life as they always portray women as so energetic and happy during the period process, while in fact they are not.

"The period experience is different for every woman while some lucky few are not affected at all, most women are affected in some way so it would be good for ads to be more relevant," celebrity guest Adibah Noor was quoted in the statement.

"After all, when a woman is feeling tired, in pain from cramps and not sleeping well, we are not going to be cheerful or energetic," she added.


While women know how to work their way around period discomforts, the survey also reveals that nine out of 10 women agree that pad ads should be more realistic.

Meanwhile, Marketing Director for Southeast Asia (Feminine Products), Faye Yong relates that consumers across Asia are becoming more discerning and demanding about the brands they use.

"Today's consumer wants brands that have character and personality in which, brands that build connection, tell relevant stories and also brands that break down walls of misinformation, ignorance and inefficiencies," she added.

The campaign also features some inspirational women such as Popular blogger Shazreen Fazlynda and 29-year-old Petrina Thong who embarked on a solo 13-month trip across 22 countries with only RM800.