Energy Commission Publishes Statistics On Malaysian Energy Industry

Last update: 17/02/2017

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 17 (Bernama) -- The Energy Commission (ST) recently published an Energy Statistics Handbook 2016, a comprehensive and handy guide that summarises the key energy data and statistics in Malaysia.

In a statement, ST said the handbook provided an overview on how trends have changed over the years and portrayed the mechanism of energy in Malaysia,

It also touched on the production of primary energy supply to how energy supply was transformed and finally consumed by various end-users.

The handbook included energy prices, energy indicators and energy balance tables for 2014, it said.

ST said the handbook also covered electricity and piped gas supply performance for 2015.

"The data are updated annually and disseminated to the public through its publication every year and serves as a general reference for policy makers, public and private organisations, students and the general public," it added.

The handbook is also available on the ST website at