Naelofar's 'Pretty Women' Modestly Stylish, Simple Yet Elegant

Last update: 27/10/2016

By Suriani Razali

KUALA LUMPUR Oct 27 (Bernama) -- Fashion entrepreneur Neelofa Mohd Noor's latest hijab collection, 'Pretty Women' maintains her trademark - modestly stylish, simple yet elegant.

Made from cotton lycra, the 'Pretty Women' hijab, which features a classic scalloped design, with drapes over the chest for modesty, is lightweight yet stretchable, making it comfortable to wear throughout the day.

For the first time, the face of fashion firm Naelofar Hijab, her family-owned company, is collaborating with online marketplace 11street to promote her easy-to-wear hijab fashion.

"We are humbled that Naelofar Hijab remains well-received amongst fellow Muslimah sisters both in Malaysia and around the world.

Online purchases are shaping up to become an integral part of our orders hence we feel that it is a right time to launch our latest collection, 'Pretty Women' on 11street," said the savvy Neelofa, who is director of Naelofar Hijab.


"While we have our own website to promote our range of easy-to-wear hijabs, we also understand the significance of partnering with an e-mall giant such as 11street, to reach out to a wider and more global audience.

This has thus motivated us to feature the 'Pretty Women' collection exclusively on 11street," said the 27-year old actress, who currently stars in the popular drama on Astro, 'Suri Hati, Mr Pilot,' alongside lead actor Fattah Amin.

Vice President of Merchandising of 11street, Bruce Lim said, "Partnering a brand as renowned as Naelofar Hijab is one of our impetuses to expand our product offering under the Muslim wear category, which is already comprehensive on its own accord.

Yet, we hear our consumers and know what they want, therefore resulting in this exclusive partnership to be the only online platform to feature Naelofar Hijab's 'Pretty Women' collection," he added.

What's interesting about the latest collection is its scalloped design which enables new mums to discretely nurse their babies, without attracting unnecessary attention from onlookers.


Available in 50 colours, the stretchy, instant shawl is soft and cool, making it perfect for busy women on the go.

You name it, the 'Pretty Women' hijab is suitable for all occasions - for office wear, sports and recreation, or even at prestigious award functions. You can quickly and easily style this hijab and you don't need any pins.

Shoppers can now download an 11 per cent discount coupon and redeem it against their 'Pretty Women' hijab purchase from Oct 24 to Oct 31.

Through its online partnership with 11street, the latest Naelofar Hijab collection is now available for consumer purchase at RM55 apiece. Visit 11street's landing page on Naelofar Hijab's 'Pretty Women' collection at while stocks last.