'Esther' Inspires Malaysians Towards Change

Last update: 27/09/2016

By Huzraifah Atikah Abd Rahman

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 27 (Bernama) -- Brought to you by the people behind the Award-winning stage production The Tailor Made Man (2013), volunteer-based theatre production team, Actspressions brings to life the compelling story of Esther starting from Sept 30 until Oct 2.

Following the life of an ordinary woman who finds herself at the heart of a conflict, 'Esther' will be staged for the first time at Damansara Performing Arts Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

"Our inspiration is based on historical events that are still celebrated in some parts of the world - but its core message is still relevant for many of us today and there's no better time than the present for us to be reminded that Change begins with us," said Esther's director, Darren Yeoh in a statement.

The cast and crew behind 'Esther' are a mix of both local and international volunteers who have varying degrees of experience in stage production but with a unified vision to always make a positive impact on their audience and for this season, to inspire Malaysians towards greatness.

Esther's story begins when the bustling metropolis known as The City is at the brink of descending into chaos due to a secret assassination plot on it's leadership.

Thousands of innocent lives are at stake - unless Esther, a young and unassuming social worker chooses to do the right thing where she is given a chance to save her people.

Esther is a story that relates to all generations with the reminder that the answer to a change is sometimes closer than you think.

Ticket prices on Friday are RM45 for normal seating and RM55 for VIP seating, meanwhile prices for Saturday and Sunday range between RM35 to RM45 for normal seating and RM55 for limited VIP seating.

All tickets can be purchased at www.dpac.com.my.