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         Thursday, 29 Jan 2015




Alyssa Milano Knew She Was Expecting A Baby Girl

Alyssa Milano knew her second child was a girl before doctors confirmed it because her pregnancy is different this time around.

The former 'Charmed' star had a feeling she was carrying a baby daughter, even before it had been confirmed by a doctor, because she suffered with morning sickness, which she didn't experience when she was pregnant with her son Milo three years ago. Speaking in the August/September issue of Fit Pregnancy magazine, she said: "I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks. With Milo, I didn't have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl."

The 41-year-old actress - who gained 55lbs in her first pregnancy - is due to welcome the tiny tot into the world in early autumn and she insists she's not bothered about piling on the pounds while carrying her second child.

She explained: "A female body is not made to look good in a bikini. It's made to give birth and have a baby and be a cosy companion for it afterward. And for my body, that meant putting on a lot of weight.

"I didn't indulge in fast food or junk food, so I knew it was a healthy weight. I just realised: This is what my body needs to do to have a healthy baby."

Meanwhile, Alyssa - who announced her pregnancy in March - is glad she waited until she was older to start making a family with husband David Bugliari.

She said: "I loved waiting a long time to be a mom. I'd had my ladies' lunches and my shopping days."


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