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         Monday, 26 Jan 2015




Michelle Williams 'Was Always Incredibly Smart'

HOLLYWOOD, April 14 -- James Van Der Beek isn't surprised by Michelle Williams' success because she was "always incredibly smart" when they starred on 'Dawson's Creek.'

James Van Der Beek isn't surprised by Michelle Williams' success.

The 37-year-old actor claims he always knew his former 'Dawson's Creek' co-star, 33, who has been nominated for three Oscars, would eventually become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood because she is multi-talented.

The 'Friends with Better Lives' star said: "Michelle was always incredibly smart. I always joked that we'd all be asking Michelle for a job. I thought she would produce, she would write."

He also told the New York Post: "She was always a deep thinker, way beyond her years. She was the youngest of us, age-wise, and the oldest in every other way."

Meanwhile, James admits that he was "freaked" out by fame after starring in 'Varsity Blues' with Jon Voight in 1999, and can relate to Justin Bieber, 20.

He said:I remember signing my first autograph and hardly being recognised and two weeks later, making an appearance in Seattle, and [the promoters] said they were expecting 200 people. I said, 'No way are 200 people coming.' More than double that showed up. Screaming girls. Barricades.

They shoved me into a car to get out of there. I am proud to say it was the first time I'd ever been shoved into the back of a cop car. I realised very quickly that this was something I had zero control over."

Asked if had any advice for the 'Baby' hitmaker, who has sparked controversy with his bad behaviour in recent months, he said: "You're able to make people very happy by doing something simple."


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