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         Sunday, 01 Feb 2015




Elle Fanning Praises Angelina Jolie

April 11 -- Elle Fanning says she and her 'Maleficent' co-star Angelina Jolie had an instant connection and had a great time working together.

Elle Fanning "loves" Angelina Jolie.

The 16-year-old actress stars opposite the brunette beauty in 'Maleficent' and she says they were "drawn" to one another from the minute they met.

She said: "That first time we met, I didn't know I was gonna see her that day. It was a surprise and they were like, 'Angelina's here - she's in the studio.'

"I turned the corner and there she was, we were drawn to each other! We gave each other the biggest hug ever and she shook my shoulders and she said, 'We're gonna have the best time working together!' and that was the first thing, and our relationship got even better from our first time. I love her!"

Elle - who plays Princess Aurora, AKA Sleeping Beauty in the re-imagining of the fairytale - thinks audiences will love the "super" costumes in the movie, and says Angelina's outfits as the titular villain are particularly dramatic and impressive.

She told 'Access Hollywood': "Angelina has so many all these capes and a lot of leather things - it's very fun, For mine, I wore a lot of little peasant dresses because I live in the cottage. So a lot of pastel pinks and blues.

"I do have a very fancy princess dress I wear at the end, which is very good."


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