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         Friday, 30 Jan 2015




Carson Daly Won't Miss 'A Minute' Of Baby's Birth

April 9 -- Carson Daly is adamant he won't miss a "minute" of the birth of his third child when his fiancée Siri goes into labour in August.

Carson Daly is adamant he won't miss "a minute" of his baby's birth.

The 'Voice' host is expecting his third child with his fiancée Siri Pinter and he'll be ready for when the tiny tot enters the world in August because his family are his priority.

He told "My family's the most important thing. I'm not missing a minute of the birth of my kid. Family first."

The 40-year-old hunk admits Siri, 32, hasn't been experiencing any pregnancy cravings as of yet, but he'll be prepared for when her food desires kick in.

He explained: "I'll be happy to get up and go get some pickles at three in the morning if I have to do an interview on the 'Today Show' at five in the morning."

However, Siri - who also has son Jack, five, and daughter Etta, 19 months, with Carson - recently admitted she hasn't been able to stop eating recently.

She said previously: "I'm pregnant! Carson and I are expecting our third child in mid-August and he, Jack, Etta and I are so happy. Well, as far as I can tell Etta is happy (she thinks the baby lives in my breasts).

"I'm about halfway there, feeling pretty great, and eating enough for five. Is that how it works? Are you supposed to eat for every member of your family, including the baby in your belly?

"Just say yes and make me feel better about life."


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