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         Saturday, 31 Jan 2015




Ellie Goulding Put Men On 'Pedestal'

April 9 -- Ellie Goulding admits she used to put men on a "pedestal" and she now regrets putting them before "everything" else in her life.

Ellie Goulding used to "put men on a pedestal".

The 'Goodness Gracious' hitmaker - who has recently been romantically linked to Dougie Poynter - regrets that she used to put men before "everything" else in the past.

Speaking in the May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, she said: "I [used to] put men on a pedestal. I decided to remedy that, and that's why I'm single now.

"They'd be everything [but] I've realised I don't need a guy. I've got amazing, awesome, stupid friends in the best way possible."

However, the 27-year-old singer believes her past experiences of love have helped her prepare for future relationships because she's not afraid of heartache anymore.

When asked what heartache has taught her, she replied: "A lot of despair in breaking up with someone is thinking about how you're going to cope in the future.

"But not being completely present prevents you from being happy and alive. As soon as you stop relying so heavily on what happened in the past, you end up being able to deal."

The blonde beauty is currently in the process of making changes in her life because she fears she'll end up focusing purely on her career as a musician.

She said previously: "I need to sort my life out. And if I don't do it soon, I may as well just be forever on the road, because that's what it feels like."


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